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Saskatchewan has the highest Ephemeroptera Biodiversity found from  Manitoba to British Columbia and  south to California, in large part because of the Saskatchewan River, and Lemsford Ferry, above

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A couple  hundred km or so  south of the above mentioned Lemsford Ferry site there is a fossil dig area where Tyrannosaurus rex is being excavated. ( http://www.dinocountry.com/?s=1&p=263)  ( http://www.trexcentre.ca/The T. rex site is a tourist attraction, with road signs on the Trans Canada Highway  calling attention to it,  and there is government sponsored advertising to attract tourists and announce the find to passers-by. This is very good.

A thousand or so km to the northwest of the Lemsford Ferry site, on the border of Alberta and in BC is the Burgess Shale  Fossil area, considered by many to be "the worlds most important fossils" (Stephen Jay Gould, Wonderful Life) and the area is protected, regulated, and treasured, as it should be.  (http://www.burgess-shale.bc.ca/discover-burgess-shale/burgess-shale-fossils-and-their-importance).

Is the Lemsford Ferry biodiversity, at least in a very modest way, important or interesting, and  deserving of some small amount of protection and recognition, as are the above? 

Are we dealing with a community partly composed of "living fossils", instead of dead imprints and mineralized bones? 

Is this biodiversity being studied, understood, and protected? (http://www.usask.ca/water/)

What do we know about evolution, extinction, and adaptation, in relation to the above?

These are  the questions to be discussed, as time allows, and  that will follow soon.

Topics- the technical meaning and significance of Diversity, Disparity, and Decimation in relaton to the current topic,  Fossils insects and the duration of a species,  A million years of glacial advance and retreat- over  Lemsford Ferry,  The fossil record and insect extinctions, Ancient communities and the age of insect lineages, Climate changes over the past 100,000 years, and the survival of the Lemsford Ferry Comminity, etc etc..