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An Alberta Sampler

"Dirty water, floating feathers, repulsive appearance-"  see next  pdf:

B Bow River Brooks Taber Hwy 36 final.pdf

Alberta Overview, So Sask River Tributaries in Albera.pdf

Saskatchewan Overview

therm rare sp. final.pdf


We are continuing to creating content for this page.   Please excuse a couple typos, and I often do  not used strictly proper taxonomic names, eg. giving genus name to actually mean the species in cases where only one species is present etc.

This page examines the South Saskatchewan River at Lemsford Ferry Saskatchewan, and continues west the lenght of the Oldman River to near Crowsnest pass in the Rocky Mountains, north on the Bow River to near Brooks, Alberta, and briefly, to the Red Deer River near Hanna. Lemsford Ferry signature species are distribued west to Taber, and Mountain signature species have an influence  east to Ft. Macloed, and to some extent, to Taber. The Bow river is very polluted near Brooks (Scandia) and there is visible evidence that this pollution from the Bow River strongly impacts the South Saskatchewan River at Bow Island, and possibly Bow River pollution is impacting the South Saskatchewan River at Lemsford Ferry, with increased macrophyte and algal growth, and apparently rediuced biodiversity.  



In my lab we have studied  both the taxonomy and distribution of the species of aquatic insect in the Saskatchewan River. A tabulation is given  in the first pdf below, and keys and illustrations are available for Saskatchewan species.

Nothing similar exists for Alberta as far as I know- no keys, etc. Thus,   the pdf's below  for Alberta wiII list families, genera, number of species (e.g. 3 Ameletus) etc. in a very informal way.  It cannot be helped at this point in the absence of taxonomic studies for Alberta. 

The pdf below gives  species lists and distibutions from my lab on Saskatchewan species in the Saskatchewan River system:

Aquatic Insect of the Sask River.pdf

Below  are species records from Lemsford Ferry, Saskatchewan, July 2002

Lemsford transect July 2006 RCC.pdf edited 09.pdf

Below are records from Aug-Sept 2006 at Lemsford Ferry

Lemsford Ferry (late Aug_ - early Sept_ 2006).pdf

Below is the record of a sampling trip to Lemsford Ferry.  Some rare and interesting species are present (July 2010 fdf below), but what happened to all the biodiversity in 2010, compared to 2006 above?   Could it be related to the pollution from the Bow River (below)?

1 Lemsford Sask final.pdf


Alberta 2010

Below, see  Introduction, context,  etc.

2 Oldman River at Taber Hwy 36.pdf

Below: the westward limit of the "Lemsford" community (see Saskatchewan pdf's above) is not  known to my knowledge. Here is an effort toward answering this question regarding Alberta:.

4 Oldman River at Ft. Macloed final.pdf

Belwo, the South Saskatchewan River shows signs of problems at Bow Island, Albera

A So Sask Riv. Bow Island Alberta Hwy 879.pdf

Below, the problem  in the So. Sask. seems to be from  the Bow River.

B Bow River Brooks Taber Hwy 36 final.pdf

to be continued