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Here I will give various pages form Boyd (2003).  I have not searched for updates to the laws.

Endangered species- Species at Risk Act- "no mechanism to allow the public to enforce the law when the government is unwilling or unable to do so." ---"modest improvement over the status quo of not having any legislation"  - "weaker than either US or Mexican endangered species laws"---

Boyd, Endangered Species.pdf


Environmental laws in Canada, see pdf below:


"most basic, rudimentary laws enacted by other nations are still absent in Canada-

"no enforcable national water quality standards-

"no law to protect wild and scenic rivers-

"no laws allowing citizens access to information-

"no law to protect wilderness areas-

"laws fail to reflect contemporary scientific principles-

"laws are undermined by excessive discretion-

"public has insufficient opportunity to participate-

Boyd Systemic Weaknesses River.pdf

See Boyd, eg p.45, for the complex web invovling fisheries, forestry, dams, etc and difficulty of regulation based on split or shared Federal and Provincial jurisdiction , often leading to the result that the environment loses, development wins- as an example-no setback for clearcut logging, destroying small streams, based on the fact that small streams contain no commercial fish, and thus Federal laws do not apply, but Provincial laws do apply- thus leaving small streams unprotected. 

See also Oldman River Dam

See also: ( Canada asked to "review failure to enforce")

and below:  (Provincial and Federal "bits and pieces of legislation", Ligislation stalled in Parliament, fate uncertain)