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Japan Wisteria Hokkaido land.pdf


Kyushu, above and below


Below, Inland Sea from Shikoku toward Honshu


Below, Iwate area. Hayachine Dam.

(from Google) Mt. Hayachine, at 1917 meters, is the tallest of the Kitakami mountains. ... Mt. Hayachine is also known as a treasure trove of alpine plants. ...kenji.cnu.ac.kr/kenji/ihatov/climate/hayatine.html (from Google)


Above, Hayachine Dam.

Thesis by my graduate student, Rie Miyazaki, The Effect of Hayachine Dam on Downstream Aquatic Communities, U. of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, 2006., 549 pp.


Above, river in study area.

Below, scenery in hills and mountains above river and dam.


to be continued