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As is the case with the Columbia River, the Missouri River has been tamed by a series of dams  and other structures so that the original river has almost completely disappeared in terms of an ecosystem with a diverse community of river invertebrates.

A very good introduction is provied by Northern State University in South Dakota; includeing pre-glacial drainage.


The following quote is from the above link: "The Missouri River of today, now "tamed," is very different from the river prior to human influence. Today, the river is divided into approximately three equal parts: the lower one-third, below Sioux City, Iowa is channelized ; one-third is impounded by six large dams; and one-third consists of remnant "free flowing" stretches of water. Only one percent of the river's entire length remains truly uncontrolled by humans  (emphasis mine}."

A number of other very useful and interesting sources are available in print and on line:


See table of contents on right of above link.

"available on line, free"-  http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=10277&page=21

More information and background on management, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and description of the river:


Missouri River Aquatic Species


Maps, fish, habitats:http:


Dams that affect the Missouri in North Dakota



To focus on my objectives, and  to emphasize again from the quote at the top of this page: 

1.  Only one percent of the entire length of the Missouri remains truly uncontrolled by humans."

2.  Today, the river is divided into three equal parts:

      a.   the lower one-third, below Sioux City, Iowa is channelized.

      b.   the middle one-third is impounded by six large dams mostly in North and South Dakota, but one major dam in Montana.

      C.   the upper one-third, mostly Montana consists of remnant "free flowing" stretches of water.


The Questions

As for the Columbia River, the questions  here is about the original river invertebrate communities, and also the present condition of various parts of the river.:

Middle River, The Dakotas

     For the first topic,  I am interested in the mid region of the river for personal reasons.  It is a section of about 700 river miles, from west central North Dakota to southeastern South Dakota.  This section is now a series of lakes formed by several  dams.  The river floods that I remember as a child in central South Dakota no longer occur.  The situation is similar to that of  the Columbia River.  The Oahe Dam in South Dakota near Pierre backs water into North Dakota almost to Bismarck, and another dam north of Bismarck forms a lake that reaches to within a few miles of the Montana border.  More dams are found downstream from Pierre to the Nebraska border.

     The  river insects  and invertebrates that originally occurred are now gone from the main Missouri River channel  in this mid section.    I am not sure if detailed ecological studies were made before dam construction, but I am not aware of samples or data if they do in fact exist.

What was the original invertebrate benthic fauna of the middle, Dakota, sectionof the Missouri River?  What eviicence is available?


      A partial  answer may be that  a  number of significant tributaries enter the Missouri in this section, especially in western South Dakota..  The Little Missouri is a significant tributary in North Dakota, and in South Dakota, tributaries entering  the Missouri are the Grand, Moreau, Cheyenne, Bad, White, James, Vermillion, and Big Sioux Rivers, plus the Keya Paha, entering in Nebrasks.

     Recent scientific reports indicate that these tributaries have supported or now support  a number of characteristic river species of mayflies .  Again, these species apparently are gone from the main channel at the present time, but presumably historically occupied the main Missouri channel.

Mayflies from Missouri tributaries in South Dakota (Guenther and McCafferty 2008, Mayflies of South Dakota):

1.  Camelobaetidius warreni (Traver and Edmunds): Cheyenne River, Little Missouri River, also found in the Saskatchewan River.

2.  Pseudocloeon dardanum (McDunnough) Vermillion River, Cheyenne River, also found in the Saskatchewan River.

3.  Caenis latipennis Banks Little Missouri River, also in the Sask. Riv.

4.  Baetisca lacustris, Yankton, Missouri River, Vermillion River, also Sask. Riv.

5. Cercobrachys cree, Cheyenne Riv., also Sask. . Riv.

6.   Hexagenia bilineata, H. limbata, both at Yankton, Missouri River, the latter also Sask. Riv.

7.  Heptagenia elegantula, as H. diabasica,  Missouri Riv., Vermillion Riv., also Sask. Riv.

8.  Heptagenia flavescens (Walsh),  Vermillion, Missouri Riv., also Sask. Riv.

9.  Maccaffertium terminatum (Walsh), Vermillion, Grand Rivers,. also Sask. Riv.

10.  Isonychia bicolor (Walker), I. rufa, Grand River, Little Missouri, at Sioux Falls; A similar species, Isonychia campestris , is found in the Sask, Riv. 

11.  Leptophlebia nebulosa, Cheyenne River, also Sask. Riv.

12.  Ephoron album (Say), Grand River, Moreau Rivers, also Sask. Riv.

13.  Traverella albertana, Grand River, Standing Rock Res., also Sask Riv.

14.  Pseudiron centralis, Tripp Co., Keya Paha Riv., also Sask. Riv.

Although the above 14 species are shared by the Saskatchean River and Missouri River tributaries, especially in South Dakota, a general statement about the group of 14 is that they are mostly common and widespread.  Rare or uncommon species such as Raptohetagenia cruentata, Macdunnoa nipawinia, and Ametropus sp. are not present.

A further observation is that a several unusual species and Families are found in South Dakota but not  in the Saskatchewan River system:

1.  Palingeniidae - Pentagenia vittigera (Walsh), Yankton, Missouri River.

2.  Leptophlebiidae- Neochoroterpes oklahoma,  Cheyenne River, Little Missouri (Choroterpes albiannulata is found in the Sask. River).

3.  Potamanthidae - Anthopotamus myops (Walsh), Vermillion River, Big Sioux River, Brookings (James Riv.?).

4. Oligoneuriidae - Homoeoneuria alleni, Keya Paha, Big Sioux, "common to the Missouri River drainage" (Guenther and McCafferty)


Under Construction

The Upper River, Montana Mayflies

In general these records are from the upper, undamed areas of the Missouri, or from the Yellowstone drainage, which flows into the Missouri at the North Dakota border.    Thus, the species below were almost certainly historically found in the Middle, now flooded, sections of the Missouri in the Dakotas.   Notice that many rare and unusual mayflies below, e.g. Raptoheptagenia, Macdunnoa, Lachlania, are not found in the Dakota tributaries, but are shared with Saskatchewan.

(Most records from Montana Field Guide, link below)

Family Acanthametropodidae     

1.  Analetris eximia ( http://fieldguide.mt.gov/detail_IIEPH76010.aspx)

Family Ametropodidae

2.  Ametropus neavei

Family   Oligoneuriidae

3.   Lachlania saskatchewanensis

      *Homoeoneuria alleni (In Montana, Nebraska, not in Saskatchewan)

Family  Baetiscidae

4.  Baetisca lacustris

Family Leptophlebiidae

5.  Choroterpes albiannulata

6.  Traverella albertana

Family  Polymitarcyidae

7.  Traverella albertana

8.  Choroterpes albiannulata


9.  Maccaffertium terminatum

10.  Macdunnoa nipawinia (species of concern in Montana)

11.  Raptoheptagenia cruentata video and photos

Several additional species shared by Saskatchewan and Montana can be found here:                                             http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/distr/insects/mfly/mt/toc.htm#baetidae


Lower Missouri and Tributaries,  Nebraska Mayflies and Important studies and records of river communities.


The Missouri River Ecosystem: Exploring the Prospects for Recovery (2002)


Genera in common with the Saskatchewan River are in Bold in the table below.  Genera not found in the lower Missouri but present in Saskatchewan include Lachlania, Analetris, Traverella, Choroterpes, Ametropus, and others.

Appendix A
Missouri River Aquatic Species

TABLE 1 Listing of the Most Numerous Aquatic Insects Collected from the Missouri River in Nebraska Using Hester-Dendy Artificial Substrate Samplers, Dredges, and Plankton Nets from 1983 Through 1986, and Their Preferred Habitat

Ephemeroptera - Maylies

Family Ephemeridae
Hexagenia Collector-gatherer Backup, chute, soft
Ephemera Collector-gatherer-predator Backup, marsh
Pentagenia Collector-gatherer Chute, channel, hard
Family Polymitarcyidae
Ephoron Collector-gatherer Chute, channel, clay
Tortopus Channel border, clay  
Family Oligoneuriidae
Homoeoneuria Collector-filterer Channel, sandbar
Family Tricorythidae
Tricorythodes Collector-gatherer Channel, chute, sand
Family Caenidae
Caenis Collector-gatherer-scraper Chute, channel border
Brachycercus Collector-gatherer Channel, chute, sand
Family Heptageniidae
Heptagenia Scraper-collector-gatherer Channel border, chute
Pseudiron Predator-engulfer Channel sandbars
Stenonema Scraper-collector-gatherer Chute, backup, pools
Stenocron Scraper-collector-gatherer Channel border, chute
Anepeorus Predator Channel, chute, borders synonym Raptoheptagenia

Family Leptophlebiidae
Leptophlebia Collector-gatherer Backup, marsh, pool
Paraleptophlebia Shredder-detritivore Channel, chute, backup
Family Siphlonuridae
Isonychia Collector Channel, channel border
Family Baetidae
Baetis Collector-gatherer-scraper Channel, chute, sandbar
Pseudocleon Scrapers Channel, chute, sandbar
Centroptilum Collector-gatherer-scraper Pool, backup, sandbar
Heterocloeon Scraper Channel, channel border
Callibaetis Collector-gatherer Backup, marsh, puddle
Dactylobaetis Scraper Backup, marsh, sand synonym Camelobaetidius
Family Baetiscidae
Baetisca Collector-gatherer-scraper Chute, border, sandbar
Family Emhemerellidae
Ephemerella Collector-gatherer-scraper Chute, backup, marsh

Trichoptera Caddisflies
Family Hydropsychidae
Hydropsyche Collector-filterer Chute, channel borders
Potamyia Collector-filterer Chute, channel borders
Cheumatopsyche Collector-filterer Chute, channel borders
Family Polycentropodidae
Neuroclipsis Shredder-herbivore Chute, backup, marsh
Nyctiophylax Predator-collector-filterer off channel habitat
Cyrnellus Collector-filterer off channel habitat
Family Hydroptilidae
Mayatrichia Scraper  
Hydroptila Piercer-herbivore Backwater borders
Agraylea Piercer-herbivore Backwater borders
Family Leptoceridae
Ceraclea Collector-gatherer All aquatic habitat
Nectopsyche Shredder-herbivore Chute, backup, borders
Triaenodes Shredder-herbivore Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Limnephilidae
Pycnopsyche Shredder-detritivore Chute, backup, puddle
Family Philiopotamidae
Wormaldia Collector-filterer Channel, chute
Family Brachycentridae
Brachycentrus Collector-filterer Channel, chute

Family Chironomidae Collector-gatherer-filter All aquatic habitats
Family Tipulidae Shredder-detritivore All aquatic habitats
Family Tephritidae    
Family Tabanidae Predator Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Chaobordiae Predator-engulfer Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Culicidae Collector-filterer-gatherer Backup, marsh, puddle

Family Simuliidae Collector-filterer Chute, channel
Family Mycetophilidae    
Family Ceratopogonidae Predator-gatherer Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Muscidae Predator All aquatic habitats
Family Tachinidae    
Family Stratiomiyidae Collector-gatherer Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Agromyzidae    
Family Cecidomyidae    
Family Empididae Predator off channel habitat
Family Sciaridae    
Family Dolichopodidae    
Family Psychodidae Collector-gatherer Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Ephydridae Collector-gatherer Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Phoridae Predator  

Family Perlidae    
Acroneuria Predator Channel, chute, borders
Family Perlodidae
Isoperla Predator Channel, chute, borders
Family Taeniopterygidae Shredder-detritivore Channel, chute, borders

Family Coenagrionidae
Argia Predator off channel habitat
Ischnura Predator Chute, backup, marsh
Coenagrion Predator off channel habitat
Agrion Predator off channel habitat
Enallagma Predator Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Gomphidae
Gomphus Predator Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Libellulidae Predator Oxbow, puddle
Family Lestidae
Lestes Predator Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Aeshinidae Predator Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Calopterygidae
Agrion Predator Chute

Family Halipidae Shredder-herbivore Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Dytiscidae Predator Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Gyrinidae Predator off channel habitat
Family Dryopidae Scraper-collector-gatherer Chute, channel, sandbar
Family Curculionidae Shredder-herbivore Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Helodidae Shredder-herbivore Oxbow, puddle, marsh
Family Hydrophilidae Predator All aquatic habitats

Family Staphylinidae Predator Sandbar, dune
Family Elmidae Collector-gatherer-scraper Chute, channel, sandbar
Family Heteroceridae Predator Sandbar, dune
Family Carabidae Predator  
Family Chrysomelidae Shredder-herbivore Backup, marsh, puddle
Family Coccinellidae    

Family Corixidae Piercer All aquatic habitats
Family Lygaeidae    
Family Nabidae    
Family Aradidae    
Family Tingitidae    
Family Mesoveliidae Predator Backup, marsh, oxbow
Family Cicadellidae    
Family Coreidae    
Family Naucoridae Predator Backup, marsh, oxbow
Family Pleidae Predator Oxbow, puddle, marsh
Family Notonectidae Predator Backup, marsh, oxbow
Family Saldidae Predator Backup, marsh, oxbow
Family Gerridae Predator All aquatic habitats
Family Hebridae Predator Backup, marsh, oxbow

Family Pyralidae Scraper-shredder-herbivore

A big difference between the Missouri and Saskatchewaan-  Molluscs

under construction

TABLE 2 Unionid mollusks collected recently from four river basins in eastern Nebraska draining into the Missouri River, and the Missouri River
Elkhorn River    Platte River Big and Little Nemaha Rivers   Missouri River
Anodonta imbecillis Anodonta imbecillis Anodonta imbecillis  
Anodonta g. grandis Anodonta g. grandis Anodonta g. grandis Anodonta g. grandis
      Anodonta g. corpulenta
      Anodonta suborbiculata
Anodontoides ferussacianus Anodontoides ferussacianus Anodontoides ferussacianus  
Strophitus u. undulatus Strophitus u. undulatus Strophitus u. undulatus  
Arcidens confragosus   Arcidens confragosus  
Lasmigona complanata Lasmigona complanata Lasmigona complanata Lasmigona complanata
Lasmigona compressa   Lasmigona compressa  
Tritogonia verrucosa   Tritogonia verrucosa Tritogonia verrucosa
Quadrula quadrula Quadrula quadrula Quadrula quadrula Quadrula quadrula
  Quadrula p. pustulosa Quadrula p. pustulosa  
Amblema p. plicata   Amblema p. plicata  
Fusconaia flava Fusconaia flava Fusconaia flava  
Uniomerus tetralasmus Uniomerus tetralasmus Uniomerus tetralasmus  
Actinonaias ligamentina carinata   Actinonaias ligamentina carinata  

Elkhorn River Platte River Big and Little Nemaha Rivers Missouri River
Obovaria olivaria   Obovaria olivaria  
Truncilla truncata   Truncilla truncata Truncilla truncata
Truncilla donaciformis   Truncilla donaciformis  
Leptodea fragilis Leptodea fragilis Leptodea fragilis Leptodea fragilis
      Leptodea leptodon
Potamilus alatus Potamilus alatus Potamilus alatus  
Potamilus purpuratus      
Potamilus ohiensis Potamilus ohiensis Potamilus ohiensis Potamilus ohiensis
Toxolasma parvus Toxolasma parvus Toxolasma parvus  
Ligumia recta   Ligumia recta  
Ligumia subrostrata Ligumia subrostrata Ligumia subrostrata  
Lampsilis teres f. teres Lampsilis teres f. teres Lampsilis teres f. teres Lampsilis teres f. teres
Lampsilis teres f. anodontoides   Lampsilis teres f. anodontoides  
Lampsilis radiata luteola Lampsilis radiata luteola Lampsilis radiata luteola  
Lampsilis ventricosa Lampsilis ventricosa Lampsilis ventricosa  
  Corbicula fluminea    
  Elliptio dilatata  

Historical Records

TABLE 3 Gastropoda and Bivalvia Molluscs Collected in 1855-1857 by Hayden During the Warren Expedition
Mollusc taxa Mollusc taxa
Unio alatus Unio levississimus
Unio luteolus Unio asperimus
Unio rectus Unio elegans
Unio zizzag Unio anadontoides
Magaritana complanata Anadonta ferussaciana
Lymnea elodes Lymnea nuttalliana
Lymnea humilis Lymnea haydeni
Lymnea kirtlandiana Lymnea umbrosa
Lymnea lubricoides Lymnea philadelphica
Planorbis bicarinatus Planorbis trivolvis
Planorbis lentus Planorbis parvus
Planorbis campanulatus Physa heterostropha
Physa integra Physa elongata
Physa ampularia Psidium sp.
Cyclas sp. Daphnia sp.
Amnicola porata Amnicola lapidaria


TABLE 4. Fish species of the Missouri River and Its Floodplain with Preferred Habitat, Present Status, and Distribution and reference

Unedited, Under construction

Ichthyomyzon castaneus, Sandbar depositional, Increasing exotic, MO-KS-NE, 5

Acipenser fulvescens, Sandbar, Rare and decreasing, MO-NE-SD, 2

Scaphirhynchus albus, Sandbar depositional, Listed and decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 2

S. platorynchus, Sandbar depositional, Stable to decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 2

Polyodon spathula, Sandbar-Oxbow, Stable to decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 2

Lepisosteus osseus, Backups Marshes, Decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND, 3

L. platostomus, Backups Marshes, Decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 3

Anguilla rostrata, Large snags Channel borders, Rare, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD, 1

Alosa alabamae, Main channel Snags, Rare, MO, 4

A. chrysochloris, Main channel, Rare, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD, 4

Dorosoma cepedianum, Backups Marshes, Stable to increasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD, 4-5

Hiodon alosoides, Sandbar pool Main channel, Stable to declining, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 4-11

H. tergisus, Sandbar pool, Rare and declining, MO-NE, 5

Coregonus artedii, Reservoir, Exotic, SD-ND-MT.

Onchorhynchus kisutch, Reservoir, Exotic, NE-SD-ND-MT.

Onchorhynchus nerka, Reservoir, Exotic, SD-ND-MT.

Prosopium gemmiferum, Reservoir, Exotic, SD-ND.

Salmo aguabonita, Reservoir, Exotic, MT.

Salmo clarki, Reservoir, Exotic, WY-SD-MT.

Salmo gairdneri, Reservoir, Exotic, MO-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT.

Salmo trutta, Reservoir, Exotic, MO-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT.

Salvelinus fontanalis, Reservoir, Exotic, NE-WY-MT.

Salvelinus namaycush, Reservoir, Exotic, SD-ND,MT.

Thymallus arcticus, Reservoir, Exotic, WY-SD-ND-MT.

Osmerus mordax, Reservoir, Exotic, NE-SD-ND.

Esox americanus, Backups Marshes, Uncommon, MO-NE, 7

E. lucius, Chutes Flowing Marshes, Increasing to reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 12-7

E. masquinongy, Reservoir-Tailwater, Exotic, MO-NE-SD.

Carassius auratus, Backups Marshes, Exotic, MO-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT.

Cyprinus carpio, Main channel Backups Marshes, Exotic, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT.

Hybognathus hankinsoni, Sandbar, Uncommon, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 1

H. nuchalis, Sandbar depositional, Uncommon, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 1

H. placitus, Sandbar depositional-Channels, Uncommon, MO-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 3

H. argyritis, Backups sandbar-depositional, Uncommon, MO-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 3

Macrhybopsis aestivalis, Sandbar Main channel, Increasing to decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE, 5-6

M. gelida, Sandbar Main channel, Rare, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 3-6

M. meeki, Sandbar Main channel, Rare, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 6

M. storeriana, Backups, Reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD, 6

Notemigonus crysoleucas, Backups Marshes, Uncommon, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 1

Notropis atherinoides, Sandbar Main channel, Increasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 3-5

N. blennius, Main channel margins, Increasing to reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD, 5-3

N. buchanani, Backups, Stable to increasing, MO-KS, 5

N. dorsalis, Chute sandbars, Reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD, 3

N. hudsonius, Gravel bars Backups Reservoirs, Stable-exotic, IA-NE-SD-ND-MT.

N. lutrensis, Backups Marshes Sandbars, Stable to increasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND, 5

N. spilopterus, Sandbar Main channel, Increasing non-native, MO-IA-NE-SD.

N. stramineus, Sandbar, Stable to decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 5

N. volucellus, Sandbar Main channel, Stable, MO, 5

Pimephales notatus, Backups Marshes, Stable to increasing, MO-KS-IA-NE, 5

P. promelas, Sandbar depositional Backup, Stable to increasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 5

Ctenopharyngodon idella, Backups Marshes Main channels, Increasing exotic, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD.

Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, Backups Marshes Main channels , Increasing exotic, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD.

Hypophthalmichthys nobilis, Backups Marshes Main channels , Increasing exotic, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD.

Carpiodes carpio, Backups Main channels, Stable to decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 5

Carpiodes cyprinus, Backups Main channels, Uncommon, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND, 7

Carpiodes velifer, Backups, Main channels, Uncommon, MO-IA-KS-NE, 7

Cycleptus elongatus, Main channel Chutes Large snags, Stable to declining, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 3-4

Ictiobus bubalus, Backups Marshes, Reduced and declining, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 7

I. cyprinellus, Backups Marshes, Reduced and declining, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 5-7

I. niger, Backups Main channel, Uncommon to rare, MO-IA-KS-NE, 7

Moxostoma macrolepidotum, Rock, Main channel Chute, Stable, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 7

Moxostoma erythrurum, Rock Pools Turbidity, Uncommon, MO-IA-KS-N, 7

Ictalurus furcatus, Main channel Large snags, Reduced to uncommon, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD, 8

I. melas, Backups Marshes, Reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 5

I. natalis, Backups Marshes, Reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 7

I. punctatus, All habitats, Stable, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 7

Noturus flavus, Rock Main channel margins, Unknown, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT.

N. gyrinus, Depositional Backups, Unknown, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND.

Pylodictis olivaris, Main Channel Large snags, Stable to declining, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD, 8

Lota lota, Main channel Large snags, Rare, MO-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 9

Fundulus kansae, Backups Sandbar Main channel, Reduced, MO-KS-NE-WY, 1

F. notatus, Backups Sandbar, Increasing-exotic, MO-KS.

Gambusia affinis, Backups, Stable-exotic, MO-KS.

Labidesthes sicculus, Pool, Common to rare, MO-NE, 1-7

Morone chrysops, Sandbar pools, Stable-exotic, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND.

M. mississippiensis, Backups, Uncommon, MO, 1

Ambloplites rupestris, Rock Large snags, Stable, MO-IA-NE-WY-SD-MT, 7

Lepomis cyanellus, Backups, Uncommon

L. gibbosus, Backups, Rare, MO-IA-NE-WY-ND-MT, 7

L. humulis, Backups, Uncommon, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND, 7

L. macrochirus, Backups, Reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 5

Micropterus dolomieui, Rock, Increasing-exotic, NE-SD.

M. punctulatus, Main channels, Rare to stable, MO-KS-NE, 5

M. salmoides, Backups, Reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 7

Pomoxis annularis, Backups, Stable to decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 5-7-11

P. nigromaculatus, Backups, Stable to decreasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 7-11

Etheostoma nigrum, Backups, Reduced, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND, 7

Perca flavescens, Backups, Stable to declining, IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 7-11

Stizostedion canadense, All river habitats, Reduced and declining, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT, 5-10

S. vitreum, Sandbar pools Reservoir, Stable but mostly non-native, MO-IA-KS-NE-WY-SD-ND-MT.

Aplodinotus grunniens, Sandbar pools Main channels, Stable to increeasing, MO-IA-KS-NE-SD-ND-MT, 5