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         Mosquitoes are almost never found in lotic waters but the can be abundant in adjacent wetlands or backwaters if cut off from the current.  Rempel (1950 and 1953) studied the larvae and adults of western Candian mosquitoes in response to the the encephalomyelitis  outbreak of 1941, and a study of prairie species was considered to be urgent.  He reviews the biology and distribution and gives keys to adults and larvae of six genera and 46 species from western Canada (Anopheles - 4 species, Mansonia-one species, Wyeomyia  – one species, Culiseta - 5 species, Culex   four species, and Aedes  -31 species).

Rempel study on NW and Saskatchewan Mosquitoes
( J. G. Rempel 1950)
Introduction (below)

From Rempel,
Key to genera with cut and paste figures (below

Mosq text 1 intro.pdf

Sask Rempel Mosquito Generic key.pdf


Below: Complete Rempel study on NW and Saskatchewan Mosquitoes- text, keys, figures.


IntroductionKeys Anopheles, generakeys, Mansonia, Wyeomyia, Culiseta

Mosq text 1 intro.pdf

Mosq text 2 keys Genera Anopeles0001.pdf

Mosq text 3 keys Manson.Wyeomyia.Culiseta.pdf
Keys, Culiseta, CulexCulex species,Aedes IntroKeys Aedes

Mosq text 4 keys Culiseta Culex0001.pdf

Mosq text 5 keys Culex Aedes Intro0001.pdf

Mosq text 6 Aedes key to species0001.pdf


Figures to go with above keys

Figs. 1-7 Rempel Anopheles, Mansonia, Wyeomyia, Culiseta0001.pdf

Figs. 8-13 Rempel Culiseta, Culex0001.pdf

Figs. 14-19 Remp. Aedes imp,nig,stim,vex, spen0001.pdf

Figs. 20-24 Remp Aedes tri,cat,pun,dor,camp0001.pdf

Figs. 25-30 Remp Aedes dia,var,sti,nea,pio,com0001.pdf

Figs. 31-35 Remp. Aedes fitch,exc,inc,flav,rip0001.pdf

Figs. 36-41 Remp. Aedes int,can,cin,pul,lat,aur0001.pdf

Figs. 42-43 Rempel Aedes cyc,triser, cover0001.pdf


Adults Below, keys to genera of adult Mosquitoes of Saskatchewan, j. G. Rempel 1953

KeysFigs. 24 and 29Wyeomyia, Mansonia, Anopheles, Culisetasome Aedes

Mosq Adult Remp 1 Keys Figures.pdf

Mosq Adult Remp 2 Figs 24,29,Culex,Culiseta.pdf

Mosq AdultsRemp 3,Wyeomyia,Mansonia,Anopheles,Culiseta.pdf

Mosq AdultsRemp 4, misc Aedes males females.pdf
Aedes spp.Species information

Aedes spp 1 key impiger.pdf

Aedes spp 2 nigri,stim,nigro,vex.pdf

Aedes spp 3 spenc,tri,cat,punc.pdf

Aedes spp 4 dor,camp,dian,vari.pdf

Aedes spp 5 stict,nea,pio,comm,fitch.pdf

Aedes spp 6 excr,inc,flav,ripa,intru.pdf

Aedes spp 7 canad,ciner,pull,later.pdf

Aedes spp 8 auri, cyclo,tricer0001.pdf