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This page is under construction.  Many of these organisms are small (1 cm) and may be  very active. Super macro is required. Since file size must be kept within reason, these videos are short, but hopefully will illustrate the habitus of the living animals. 


Ephemeroptera Mayflies

See Notes #3 for more information on the following Baetid-Heptageniid-Hexageniid videos.

size comparisonsize compariso

Baetids 5 mm long 293.AVI

Baetid Heptageniid 291.AVI

Hexagenia Heptageniid 288.AVI


See Notes #3 for more informaton on E. album.

Ephoron album 280.AVI


See Notes #3 for information on Heptageniidae

Flat body of Heptagneiids 309.AVI


See Notes #3 for information on Hexagenia

Hexagenia 253.AVI


Seen Notes #3 for more  information on Isonychia

General body formRespiratory movements to circulate water over gills Head of Hexagenia upper left

Isonychia on sand 283.AVI

Isonychia flexing abd, twitching body 312.AVI

Isonychia front legs 297.AVI


See Notes #3 for more information on Siphloplecton.

Siploplecton with Baetid 209.AVI


Plecoptera Stoneflies

Pteronarcidae, Pteronarcys dorsata

See Notes #3 for information on the collecting site and Pteronarcys

(see also Borden Bridge, pdf at bottom of page at this link)



Trichoptera Caddisflies

Hydropsychid 301.AVI